• 24/7 Support:
    Fully supported module. Our offices are in Roseville, CA and we are eager to serve you and answer any questions you may have!

  • Add CSS to Any Layer/SubLayer:
    Easy per-layer settings with rel or style tags.

  • Add your logo as a watermark with a link to your site:
    yourLogo feature with link option

  • Animation Options:
    Multiple animations and easing

  • Customizable UI:
    You control every layer, sublayer and a lot more.

  • Keyboard navigation:
    Allow your site visitors to control the slider with their keyboard.

  • layers / sublayers:
    Unlimited number of layers / sublayers

  • Many Content Options for Slides:
    Use with ANY content you want (images, HTML elements, Flash movies, YouTube videos, etc.) (best view with semi-transparent PNG images or CSS3 styled HTML elements)

  • Multiple browser support :
    IE 7+, Safari 3+, iOS Safari, Chrome 3+, Firefox 3+, Opera 10+

  • Preload function:
    You choose whether images and layers load before the page shows up or as the page is still loading to reduce page load time.

  • SEO friendly:
    Tested and verified to optimize all text and html content.

  • Skin support:
    Skin and Theme your slider with our custom built-in skin uploader.

  • Slideshow:
    Automatic slideshow function (optional: Backwards-Slideshow) or user controlled.

  • Sliding/Fading:
    Sliding from / to 4 directions or fading in / out (sublayers only)

  • Tested on all Smart Phones (including iOS):
    Touch control for mobile devices (iOS tested)

Something Different

There are many others you are competing with and you want your site to stick out from the rest of them, don't you? Layer Slider Nuke is your answer. You don't have to be a programmer to use it, but if you are, you can do just about anything with this powerful image/video slider, but easier and faster.

Layer Slider Nuke features the famous parallax effect to give your images a 3 dimensional feeling. Take your slideshow to the next level with multiple sublayers in every slide that move independently of one another. If you really want to bring attention to your products and/or services, there truly is no other non-flash, Jquery based image slider with as much power and versatility as Layer Slider Nuke.

You can buy our module on the DNN Store starting at just $20.

Buy Layer Slider Nuke on the DotNetNuke Store!

What Types of Content does Layer Slider Nuke Support?

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images
  • Links
  • And more!